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It's You
DongHae 3
Title: Only For You

Pairing: KyuHae (KyuHyun x DongHae), ninja!HanChul, sneaky HangHae

Rating: PG

Word Count: 2,275

Summary: DongHae just can’t control his feelings for KyuHyun and he realizes that it’s not as easy to stop as it was to begin.

______ (Starts the story/ divides comments from story)

*~*~*~ (Later on)

_-_-_-_- (Flashback/ Memories)

Comments: So, uh, yeah... hi. C: First time on LJ! Hope you like my story. :D I'm still fairly new (Eh, sorta kinda, not really.) to Super Junior and I hope I get everything correctly! If I make a mistake, PLEASE feel free to tell me. Seriously. Tell. Me. ♥

(And please don't tell me I write badly- I know that. LOL. First time for everything, right? D:| And I consider Henry and Zhoumi to be honourary members of SuJu so it's 15 instead of 13. This takes place before the break-up of HanGeng, Kangin in the military, and Kibum off to act. Well, to make it easier on MY life since I don’t know all about SuJu, let’s just say that none of the actual crappy shit that happened to Suju, ever happened. )

(But the car acident happened. Yeah. Why? You’ll see in later stories or maybe mentions of it in this story.)


'What's wrong with me?'


'Damnit! Why again?!' DongHae mentally screamed as he quietly got up out of bed, walking out into the dark hallway in the middle of the night, hoping not to wake the other sleeping members located to the left and right. He walked straight into the bathroom, slowly shutting the door behind him as he flicked on a light, placing both his hands on his face, sighing heavily into the skin. He slid his fingers open just slightly, peering through them, seeing his own reflection in the oval-shaped mirror. The bags under his eyes so visibly noticeable from countless sleepless nights that he looked older than he really was.

"Why... why?" he asked softly to the air, almost begging- pleading, as if he would get a proper response to his problem.

It had been occurring every night since he arrived; night after night, day after day- it was messing with his work and his mind. And the worse part- he couldn't figure out why him- why this?

Why now?


"Morning guys!" Leeteuk enthusiastically yelled to all of his friends as he casually strolled through the living room, secretly counting them all. He always made sure all of his dongsaengs were up and not lazily sleeping the day away. It may have been one of there very few days off but it still made no excuse to sleep in past noon. Leeteuk- the hardest working leader you'd ever find for a group. Always putting his hyungs first, smart, charming, funny- especially his laugh- and an overall good person. "So what's for breakfast?" he asked, stomach growling afterward, making him blush slightly since the sound wasn't too pleasant.

As the angel sat down for food, the others talked and goofed around; Henry and ZhouMi casually talking, ZhouMi occasionally laughing from a funny face or joke Henry would make.

Ryeowook, of course, was cooking for his hyungs... as usual.

Siwon and Kibum joking around with HanGeng as HeeChul made cute kissy faces towards the Chinese singer. He was blushing furiously since everyone knew he had a bit of a crush on the 'princess'. KyuHyun playing videogames while SungMin watched, praising and sometimes playfully making fun of the magnae whenever he won or lost. EunHyuk and DongHae arm wrestling, both their faces contorted into a silly manour as they both fought for their own made-up title. ShinDong and Kangin somehow joined fishy and sardine, soon making a four-way match. And lastly, YeSung was sitting down in his own private corner, reading through a novel he'd bought in the bookstore about a week ago. He'd had his reading glasses on, intently going through the text; lost in his own world where the nonsense everyone else was making ceased to exist.

Ryeowook immediately popped his head from the kitchen at the sound of his leader’s voice, a perfectly adorable smile on his naive face, even with all the insanity going on around him. "I've got eggs cooking, hyung! Want some? Oh- I could make you something special if you want?"

Leeteuk sweetly smiled, his dimples showing as he spoke, “Nothing big, Wookie,” his stomach growled again, the same blush that faded before re-appearing. “Give me what everyone else is having if you don’t mind.”

Ryeowook nodded and immediately went back to flipping the eggs.

Leeteuk did love RyeoWook best. His personality was just so sweet and naïve- he couldn’t figure out how to correctly describe him in words half the time. Sometimes Leeteuk believed that he had a bit of a crush on Ryeowook. Maybe it was just his mind fooling him but whenever Wookie spoke he seemed to pay attention more than the others. He felt a bit guilty for liking one of his own, especially since he was their boss, but ‘things happen for a reason’ as he’d always told himself and you can’t really stop fate, as he’s seen from the many flirts and kisses thrown around his dongsaengs.

Then a sudden shriek interrupted everyone’s fun, a swear following suit from the kitchen. He mentally kicked himself afterward for letting such a word slip from his innocent lips. Tt was RyeoWook, having some cooking trouble as he placed his burnt finger in his mouth, hoping that would soothe the pain somewhat.

“H-hey guys, breakfast is ready!”


It was late afternoon that Friday and the members had already headed out to the park located in a quiet district in Seoul. It was the middle of spring and beautiful couldn’t even describe the scenery. As the new grass from winter re-grew, decorating the fields a soft, lush green, lillies and daisies clustered certain portions of the wide-open land, making the view even more gorgeous. Birds flew left and right, squirrls finding food and even some kids could be seen playing tag in the distance.

As Leeteuk, Yesung and RyeoWook prepared the picnic, the others wandered off to play games or just talk. EunHyuk ran down the steep hill to play with the children, his sudden child-like instincts taking over as he rolled over on the grass, kids playfully attacking him with hugs and tackles, taking on a DongHae-like charm. Playing on the swings were SungMin and Kangin, who later were accompanied by Henry, Kibum, and ZhouMi. Siwon off with HeeChul and ShinDong, the princess, as usual, spazzing out as he described how funny and cute he thought HanGeng looked earlier with his responses to the teasing.

Speaking of HanGeng, he was actually enjoying a talk with KyuHyun and DongHae, discussing his frustration and embarrassment the others put him through running out of breath all-the-while. “They kept going on and on and ON,” he panted, sucking in fresh air, still apparently flustered. “I-I don’t even know what I would have done if they kept going! Excuses only go so far! Thank goodness Wookie called for breakfast or I would have died.”

KyuHyun and DongHae laughed, of course hugging the Chinese man sympathetically. “S-sorry about that, hyung-” KyuHyun said, wiping the tears in his eyes. “It’s just... it’s funny to see how cute you act about HeeChul- no wonder Siwon and Kibum pick on you.” He looked to DongHae who nodded and pointed suddenly, his usual attitude working its way through his system.

“Easy target, I'd say,”

“I-I’m not an easy target!” HanGeng replied, stuttering from Chinese to Korean as he tackled DongHae to the ground, wrestling with him for a minute or two before immediately pinning the fish to the soft grass, a smug smirk on his face as DongHae pouted from not being able to move since his feet were held down from HanGeng’s strength. "Now, repeat that.”

KyuHyun laughed and pointed to his hyungs, obviously loving the scene.

DongHae reddened, mostly from how close HanGeng was to his lips and that KyuHyun made fun of him. He squirmed, smiling like a kid to hopefully distract them from his face. “O-Okay- AH- you win! You win!!”

HanGeng smirked wider, jumping off DongHae instantly, leaving the other to blink. He dusted off his leather sleeve-less jacket and winked, Kyuhyun laughing again. DongHae blushed a bit more. KyuHyun then applauded, nodding and smiling sweetly to DongHae. It was one of those ‘nice try’ smiles, which made the fish pout as the gamer giggled.

“Well,” HanGeng started, stretching out the kinks in his neck and arms. Even kicking a little so his legs where free. “Gonna go and talk to EunHyuk. He seems to be having... too much fun.” He smiled, slowly shaking his head as he saw the sardine playing hide-and-go-seek with the little kids. “That boy needs help.” Once said, the Chinese man walked off, hands in his jacket pockets, leaving only KyuHyun and DongHae, the atmosphere dimming down a bit.

Not saying that KyuHyun and DongHae weren’t social. They were best friends! Shared almost everything in common; favourite foods, games, clothes, shows, even songs. But, once they finished talking about what was on their minds, the mood seemed to die and they fell into an awkward position. All they did after that was look at each other from time to time, noting other things besides themselves which was in this case the grass or sky.

DongHae sighed softly, drawing circles in the blades of grass as KyuHyun looked up to the sky, noting certain cloud formations or just watching them slowly drift by. The elder of the two looked over to the younger, one of his best friends, Cho KyuHyun; 23, skinny, deep-voiced, taller then he was and one of the best singers in the group, if not the best. He smiled, just admiring the elder qualities his maknae possessed- always keeping quiet unless spoken to, not much for out bursts unless he felt like it, and never seeming to be upset unless video games were involved. He felt admiration for the silent attitude his friend possessed. It was like he only wanted the world to know him for his singing and that his personal life never existed.

His gaze didn’t go unnoticed though as KyuHyun turned to look at his hyung, a smile rising to his face from DongHae’s zoned out expression. “Hyung,” he asked casually, an obvious playful hint present to his words. “What are you staring at?” Of course he knew, but it always seemed fun to hear the excuse the other came up with.

DongHae blinked, regaining focus to his surroundings after KyuHyun spoke, looking at said gamer, his cheeks dusting a light red though it was barely noticeable since he had fairly dark skin. “Uh,” DongHae started, already thinking of other reasons for his odd gaze at the other. KyuHyun picked his words well.

“... I-I was staring at that hill over there-” he blurted without much thought. “Y-yeah, I um, thought I saw something...” Once said, he quickly turned from the maknae, wanting to slap himself silly after that horrible excuse but resorted to staring at the grass instead, feeling the heat spread to his ears.

KyuHyun started to giggle, moving and leaning over the embarrassed fish for an embrace, his head resting on the elder’s broad shoulder. “It is a pretty hill, huh?”

DongHae continued to ‘admire’ the grass, hoping to look everywhere but at KyuHyun. Though, as awkward as it sounded, he started to feel shyer around the younger. At the moment, his heart beat quickened, his head felt slightly lighter and he shivered a few times whenever KyuHyun touched him. None of these actions ever crossed him before so feeling weird and awkward wasn’t wrong, but Kyu didn’t seem to notice so that made it better on him. The feeling of KyuHyun’s breath on his neck made him shiver though; sending sparks down his back and to other parts of his body as well. Feeling the younger’s heartbeat made him react as well, finding it odd yet pleasant to like such a normal occurance in all bodies of life. But, KyuHyun’s felt different to him, so maybe that’s why he enjoyed it more then usual.

As oblivious as KyuHyun was to all of DongHae’s misfortune, he too felt a pull in his heart for the other. ‘He’s my friend, that’s why’ and thoughts such as that pushed those feelings aside in favour of logic.

KyuHyun though, having earned his title ‘maknae’ proudly, did have something in mind for the fish. He always loved it when DongHae would flush, especially over little things like how he laughed or if he tripped or messed up choreography during shooting or when KyuHyun would destroy him in Star Craft, seeing DongHae mumble curses and cross his arms pouting like a little boy.. He especially loved it when DongHae blushed during the shooting of Exploration of the Human Body, of course, having reason to since Kangin pulled his pants clean off, leaving everyone, even the host, laughing.

Little things that don’t necessarily matter would cause the cutest outbursts from the DongHae, and that always made KyuHyun’s day better.

Speaking of making his day better- he leaned himself closer, turning his head slowly and pushed up, giving a soft slow kiss to DongHae’s cheek, a small sound echoing through DongHae's ear once KyuHyun pulled away.

And as promised, DongHae looked at the maknae, his face 20 shades of red from the peck. KyuHyun began to smile widely, laughing as DongHae stared, understanding now how that title was earned. Once DongHae turned back around, he was received another kiss, this one longer and more forceful, finding that KyuHyun was gonna milk this embarrassment for everything it was worth.

Sadly to the younger’s dismay and the elders relief, Leeteuk loudly called out for everyone to come and eat while DongHae thanked his stars that the moment was interrupted. As much as he didn’t want to admit that he loved being kissed by KyuHyun, he did, and that made everything for the worse.

“Aw,” Kyu groaned, wanting to continue the onslaught on DongHae just a bit longer. “Well- let’s go eat.” He released his grip on the fish, stood up and stretched, hearing some bones pop since he sat down too long. The gamer reached out a hand to his flustered friend, awaiting the others take. DongHae half-smiled, blowing some hair from his face and grabbed KyuHyun’s offer, standing up, stretching and heading for their dinner, hands intertwined, making that same dust of red permanently glued to DongHae’s face. Why was he such a girl around KyuHyun? And why KyuHyun of all people? For the moment, he pushed those ideas aside for a much bigger one- what’s he gonna do now that KyuHyun is all he can think of?

I’m probably insulting every writer/SuJu fan by writing this. *A*.
Excuse the writing! I’m learning! I wasn’t built to write- drawing is my stronger suit... but even that I can’t do!
; n ;
I may continue this, but that’s dependent on if I live long enough to once I get mauled. :D